Customer Comments

JEM has worked with many different clients, with differing needs and challenges.

We recently asked some of our clients some questions about what we had done for them.


Reliability: Do we do things on time and on budget?

The ongoing communication given was very supportive as it meant I always knew the status of our mailing, even if we caused a delay, they were very flexible and confirmed how they were dealing with the situation their end.


Expertise: Do we know what we are talking about and help you choose the right options?

They were very knowledgeable and understanding of our needs. We have many internal approval systems one of which  delayed a project previously but they were very aware of this and flexible which helps us a lot.


Cost Effectiveness: Do we try to save you money and make your budget go further?

They were great at picking up on ways where we could save a bit of our budget. Budget is tight for us all and so it’s great when a supplier understands this and helps to make sure we are spending wisely.


Attention to detail: Do they pay attention to the detail spotting things before they can go wrong?

They were great in helping us with attention to detail, especially in our mailing list which is the most important tool in mailing.

I have really enjoyed working with the team and I look forward to working with them on more projects. Their honesty, support and friendly nature makes it impossible not to return.



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