JEM Education Direct Useful Documentation

Detailed below are documents that may prove useful.


Glossary of Education Acronyms - collated by BESA (British Education Suppliers Association) contains all the most commonly used accronyms within the education sector.

glossaryofeducationacronyms.pdf (255Kb)


Best Practice E-broadcast - Outlines best practice for creation of HTML for e-broadcasting.

bestpracticeebroadcast.pdf (1.4Mb)


Data - The following three documents outline how and where we capture education data.

educationlistsourcesjem.pdf   (124Kb)


ukschoolsdatafromjem.pdf   (331Kb)       


datasourcesjem.pdf  (127Kb)


Data Top Ten Tips: How to get the best data lists to make your marketing more effective.

datatop10tips.pdf (3.14Mb)

Shared Mailing Top Ten Tips: How to make shared mailings even more successful.

sharedmailingtop10tips.pdf (1.41Mb)

Email Top Ten Tips: How to make your email marketing communications even more successful.

emailtop10tips.pdf (1.68Mb)

Direct Mailing Top Ten Tips: How to create an effective marketing piece.

directmailingtop10tips.pdf (2.14Mb)


It's all about Mail and Email: Royal Mail Market Reach research on mail and other digital media.

Digital media have had a major impact on both consumer behaviour and marketing communications. As digital usage has grown, the core strengths of mail have not only endured but increased.

Consumers are clear that mail and email have different qualities which make each suited to different things.

Because consumers move seamlessly between the physical and online worlds, mail actually generates a great deal of online activity. Both mail and email are able to drive consumer action.

Using mail and email together in a planned way builds on the strengths of each. This gives you the greatest chance of maximising the effectiveness of your direct communications.

royalmailmailandemailresearchreportmay2014.pdf   (1.6Mb)


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