Marketing to Primary Schools

Primary schools admit children from the ages of 5 through to 11.

Some primary schools are split up into Infant and Junior levels, these are usually separate schools on the same site. The infant age range (Key Stage 1) is from age 5 to 7. The Junior age range (Key Stage 2) is from age 7 to 11.

Primary education is the first stage of formal education in a range of basic subjects. It generally requires no previous formal education and is typically the beginning of systematic studies. Characteristic of a typical primary education are the formal tuition of reading, writing and mathematics.

In excess of £800 million is paid to primary school establishments across the UK, with our experience and accurate data it is even easier to get your message across so that you can sell your goods or services to this part of the education sector.

Below is outlined our special Primary offering with campaigns designed to contact the largest 10,000 primary schools in the UK:

  image of matrix of pricing for 3 different campaigns

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