Direct Mail to Schools

With over 35 years’ experience, JEM Education Direct produce bespoke direct mail to schools creating effective, targeted and highly successful mailing campaigns.

We don’t just process your mailing. We work closely with you to add value and contribute to your campaign’s overall success, helping you maximise your return on investment.

A dedicated Account Manager will work closely with you and oversee your campaign from start to finish.


Use our specialist equipment and we can make easy work of your job

Our direct mail house in Kent provides data preparation, laser and inkjet personalisation, mailing sortation, polywrapping and machine or hand envelope enclosing. Comprehensive levels of support ensure even the most complex campaigns are handled with ease.

For added convenience, our design and in-house print and duplication service will help to make your campaigns even easier to manage. 


Save money on postage 

We want you to get the most from your budget, from selecting the best outer (e.g. polywrap or envelope) to utilising the most appropriate postal provider. Due to the massive campaigns we handle every year we get the best postage prices from postal providers and are able pass the saving on to you!

Whether it’s a small or large mailing, our production team will handle it with care and to your requirements, so you can be assured that every item will be finished to the high standards you would expect.


Making your schools mailing campaign even more successful.

JEM's 35 years of experience running mailing campaigns has given us a unique insight into what really works for our clients. We have put together a top tips leaflet to give you some pointers on how to make your direct mailing campaigns even more successful.

Have look here at the JEM top 10 tips for direct mail - How to create an effective marketing piece.


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