Education Market Research

Education market research takes the risk out of developing and launching new products and services into the education sector.

We offer a complete education market research package that enables you to test the market for your products and services before committing to costly production or launch campaigns, helping you get it right first time and maximising the return on your investment.

Our on-line survey tool is an easy and comprehensive way to get customer feedback you can really use. Learn not only how your customers feel about your products, but also which products your customers might be likely to purchase next. Or even whether or not there's a viable market for your new product.


How our Education Market Research is carried out

We work with education market research specialists to offer a comprehensive research facility that enables you to test new products or services via face-to-face focus groups of selected teachers. You choose the exact format depending on your budget, location, timescale or even the nature of the product or service being tested. Research is carried out in a controlled environment with expert moderators to lead and focus the discussion and provide in depth reports and feedback on the groups findings. The JEM team will be on hand to provide as much assistance and guidance as you require.

Once armed with the feedback, you’re ready to launch your new product or service; our fully integrated approach will provide the next steps in reaching and servicing your target market.

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