is a portal for free teaching resources across the entire curriculum from the biggest names in the business and charitable sectors. In September of 2013 we had 12,000 teachers visit the website and now you have the opportunity to advertise on the site using banner adverts.

This online marketing avenue allows you to:

Increase the number of teachers visiting your website

With your banner ad, you can put your brand in front of thousands of teachers every month – on average 24,000 impressions. This will drive clicks to your website and web traffic from your target audience.

Build your brand awareness amongst the education sector

Resources4Schools is used uniquely by those who are looking for educational resources. Orders come from Head Teachers, Subject Heads and teaching staff. This makes our site very niche for those looking at this demographic as their target audience and helps build brand awareness amongst the sector.

Discover new customers

Whereas spending money on SEO can increase your web traffic, banner ads put your message right in front of teachers. This means teachers can view your product/message without specifically looking for your product at that time. This introduction provides a great source for new custom.

Spend you marketing budget in a cost-effective and simple manner

Banner ads can be cheap to produce and we are offering spaces from as little as £50.00 per month whilst the site continues to grow. We will provide you with the number of clicks your banner has received as well as how many impressions your banner has accumulated!

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