Share the mailing, share the cost...

Reduce your postage by up to 80%,without diluting campaign effectiveness by sharing the mailing costs with other advertisers.

Schoolbag shared mailing will enable you to actively promote your products and services to UK nurseries, primary and secondary schools in the most cost-effective way.

The principle is simple; share postage and handling costs with other customers' inserts in our shared mailing, which is mailed to all UK schools regularly throughout the year. Mail all Primary schools for just £1750 and all Secondary schools for just £480.

That's just 8p per school - including postage!

The benefits of Schoolbag shared mailing:

  • Highly targeted - our accurate Education Database targets the correct named contact every time.
  • Cost effective - no other channel gets your printed material into schools for less!
  • Well-received - schools recognise and welcome Schoolbag as a source of valuable product and service information.
  • Comprehensive - mailed to either 11,700 nursery schools, 23,300 primary or 5,800 secondary schools.

Regular mailing dates offer the flexibility to reach your target audience at any time during the academic year.

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 To find out more call 01233 214022 or use our Contact Form.

Jem undertakes research each year into the attitudes that Schools and the Marketing Industry have towards direct marketing. As a result, we have put together a Top Tips guide for all our Shared Mailing customers.

Have a look at the Jem 10 Top Tips - How to make your Schoolbag Shared Mailing successful PDF here.

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